Mr Chaser Czechia 2021

Even bears want to have their chasers!

We would like to bring this election closer to the larger "bear´s zoo" to complement project bear of the year Mr Bear Czechia.

By this way we give chance to all queer admires, lovers and chasers to seek for favor so even them could have their "chosen one".

Anyone who is somehow attracted to the bears and ideally he participates in bear events can become a candidate.

Valerij Maljulin
Director of Elections

Chaser – Somebody who is attracted to Bears and/or Chubs, might not be a part of the Bear culture but is much more active in chasing bears than Admirer for relationship or sex.

Staň se novým Mr Bear Czechia. Neváhej a přihlas se přes stránky /EN Become the new Mr Bear Czechia. Don't hesitate to apply via

Posted by Mr Bear Czechia on Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Where can you meet the new Mr Bear Czechia 2024? We would like to invite you to Bear Pride Czechia & Election Mr Bear...

Posted by Mr Bear Czechia on Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Winners Mr Chaser Czechia 2021

Mr Chaser Czechia


Vice Mr Chaser Czechia


Candidates Mr Chaser Czechia 2021

Jury Mr Chaser Czechia 2021

Balázs (Budapest, HU)

🎞️ Video

Rainer (Köln, DE)

🎞️ Video

Andrzej (Katowice, PL)

🎞️ Video

Valerij (Brno, CZ)

🎞️ Video

Milan (Liberec, CZ)

🎞️ Video

Lluís (Sitges, ES)

🎞️ Video

🍺 CHASER - Bear beer special

Mr Bear Czechia presents unfiltered and unpasteurized beer special CHASER.

The beer was brewed by the winners of Mr Bear Czechia for all those who like to hunt in the bear district.

  • Pale lager, bottom-fermented, unfiltered and unpasteurised
  • Ingredients: drinking water, malted barley, treated hops
  • Alcohol: 4.5% vol.
  • Volume: 0.5L
  • Manufacturer:
    Pivovar Lužiny s.r.o., Archelogická 2256/1, 155 00 Praha 5
  • Head Brewer: Michal Novotný

Price: 66 CZK / 2.80 EUR

On sale only until the winners are announced.
By purchasing you contribute to the support of non-profit bear organizations in the association.

Bait for bears and reinforcement for hunters - that's what you want 🤩
How we brewed CHASER beer / Jak jsme vařili pivo CHASER

The brand new CHASER beer special is an ideal bait for bears and boost for hunters. Behind the scene.😉 / Čerstvě navařený pivní speciál CHASER je ideální návnada pro medvědy a posilnění pro lovce. Za scénou.😉 More photos: / Více fotek:

Posted by Mr Bear Czechia on Monday, June 28, 2021

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Organizational Team 2021

Ředitel volby

Valerij Maljulin

Public Relations / Copywriting

Lukáš Turner

Koordinátor programu

David Piňos


Jindra Dermíšek


Petr Chromec

Péče o sponzory a partnery

Vojta Borovec

Design a vizuály

Jiří Hladký

IT podpora

Pavel Růžička