Mr Bear Czechia 2022

We gay bears form packs where we help and support each other.
The Mr Bear Czechia project was created through the cooperation of these packs.

The aim is to find among the candidates from the bear ranks the one who is qualified to represent us not only at home but also abroad.
This includes establishing and maintaining good relations across communities and participating in community activities.

Lukáš Turner, Director of Elections

Staň se novým Mr Bear Czechia. Neváhej a přihlas se přes stránky /EN Become the new Mr Bear Czechia. Don't hesitate to apply via

Posted by Mr Bear Czechia on Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Where can you meet the new Mr Bear Czechia 2024? We would like to invite you to Bear Pride Czechia & Election Mr Bear...

Posted by Mr Bear Czechia on Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Winners Mr Bear Czechia 2022

Mr Bear Czechia 2022


Vice Mr Bear Czechia 2022


Candidates Mr Bear Czechia 2022

Jury Mr Bear Czechia 2022

Eric (Toronto, CA)

👤 Info 🎞️ Video

Jaroslav (Prague, CZ)

👤 Info 🎞️ Video

Balázs (Budapest, HU)

👤 Info 🎞️ Video

Максим (Харків, UA)

👤 Info

Vladimír (Piekielnik, PL)

👤 Info 🎞️ Video

Юрій (Харків, UA)

👤 Info

Dominik (Brno, CZ)

👤 Info 🎞️ Video

Damien (Brussels, BE)

👤 Info 🎞️ Video

Christian (Toronto, CA)

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Bear organizations, societies and associations with which we are united by a common interest as well as mutual trust and responsibility.

Organizational Team 2022

Ředitel volby

Lukáš Turner

Asistent ředitele

Jaroslav Kaiser

Koordinátor programu

David Piňos

Copywriter & Moderátor

David Badyš Věžník


Jindra Dermíšek


Petr Chromec

IT podpora

Pavel Růžička